A-Z: Quiz

01 Jul 2020 in News

A-Z: Quiz A-Z: Quiz

Q was always going to be a tricky letter to incorporate into our ongoing A to Z series, so today we're seeing how well you know the Nash with a quiz!

Have a go at the ten questions below, then email us your answers and name to                        media@curzon-ashton.co.uk and we will be announcing the winners on our social media! Let's see the extent of your Curzon knowledge!

1. Who scored our first goal of the 2019-20 campaign? 

2. What is the name of the club's all time leading goalscorer, and for an extra point, how many goals has he scored? 

3. Sean Miller joined the Nash in January 2019 from which club? 

4. Which team were the visitors for the first ever game at the Tameside Stadium? 

5. Who are the two sides that the Nash have faced in the second round of the FA Cup? 

6. With which club did defender James Baillie begin his playing career? 

7. Curzon Ashton was formed in 1963 after two clubs merged, can you name the two clubs? 

8. Manager Steve Cunningham spent six years at the helm of which Northern Premier League North West side? 

9. Oliver Thornley made his Nash debut in March 2017 against which club? 

10. How many goals did Mike Calveley score during the 2019-20 campaign? 

Don't forget to send us your answers! 

Make sure to come back to our official website tomorrow to see who or what we are giving the letter R to!


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