Life in Lockdown

26 Apr 2020 in News

Life in Lockdown Life in Lockdown

With the football season officially over and 34 days of quarantine ticked off, we spoke to players, Andy Halls, Cam Mason & Rob Evans, coach, Jack Salkeld and manager, Mark Bradshaw, about 'Life in Lockdown'. 

What have you been doing to keep yourselves busy? 

A.H - I'm on furlough from both jobs so I've not had much to do to be honest. I decided to raise some money for charity and will be attempting 100km over seven days, starting on Monday 4th May. It will obviously help me keep fit and gives me something to focus on. You can donate to Andy's page here: 

C.M - I've been playing PlayStation with my mates, practicing putting and chipping in my spare room and I've been working on my cooking/baking skills, not saying it's going well but I'm trying.

R.E - I've been doing little jobs that need doing around the house, painting, a little bit of DIY, cutting the grass and the hedges (the grass is like Wembley now.) 

J.S - I'm classed as a key worker so I am still working Monday-Friday doing engineering, making things for hospitals, oil refinery's etc. so I've been busy with that, which I'm pleased about as it stops me being bored. At the weekends I've been doing jobs around the house to keep me busy, Zoom quizzes with family and friends, also had a few BBQs and beers in the nice weather.

M.B - To keep busy I've sorted my garden, first time in years. I've also been at the ground recently while the chef prepares food for the homeless.

What films/series are you watching? Any recommendations? 

A.H - I've watched Ozark, Tiger King, The Nest & Liar and I'm trying to read more too.

C.M - Just finished watching Tiger King and I've been watching Sunderland Till I Die as well.

R.E - Haven't really started any series yet, been quite lucky with the weather so I've been in the garden really trying to get a tan in Costa Del Wrexham.

J.S - I've been watching Ozark, The Nest and Ramsey, Gino & Fred Road Trip.

M.B - I've completes Sons of Anarchy, which is brilliant. I've Started Homeland and Afterlife series 2. Whilst I've been at the club during the day, I've watched back all of our games of the season, just to recap my thought on hpw everyone has done.

Has the squad kept in touch? Who do you talk to the most?

A.H - The club have been great at keeping us informed with what's going on regarding wages & games etc, but I haven't spoken to many of the lads if I'm honest apart from the WhatsApp group on a few occasions.

C.M - The players have been keeping in touch via the players group chat.

R.E - The carpool group chat is still very active with Bails and Calv, Bails is very active and keeps us going 100%.

J.S - The club have been great, keeping in touch with us about what is happening with season, wages etc. I've spoken to Mark everyday pretty much and the lads are chatting on the WhatsApp group, so yeah, we're all keeping in touch.

M.B - I've been regulary updating the group chat on what the league has said, also letting the players know the furlough process, as well as a cheeky little score prediction from me for every game that we haven't played with goal scorers.

Finally, as well as the BBQs, the beer, the cooking, the TV series, what have you been doing to stay fit and active? 

A.H - Raising money for charity and running 100km over seven days is obviously keeping me fit!

C.M - I've been on a couple of runs but not really much help to my game, so I've been doing some goalkeeper drills using a wall. It's not ideal but I've got to make do.

R.E - I've been going on runs and on my bike to keep me ticking over. I've also been doing workouts in the garden.

J.S - I've been doing a lot of running, averaging about 60/70k a week - I've found that enjoyable and good for me physically and mentally.

M.B - I've been running, walking, cycling and the gardening was the hardest of all!

"We will be back stronger because that is what Curzon do, we are a massive family, from the kids to the adults teams, the volunteers to the community, we wish everyone well and say thanks to the NHS and the key workers." - Jack Salkeld


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