Media Partnership Agreed

07 Jun 2019 in News

Media Partnership Agreed Media Partnership Agreed

Village Hotels - Ashton & Hyde Become Our Media & Hotel Partner

Curzon Ashton FC are delighted to announce a new partnership with Village Hotels for the 2019/20 season.

The arrangement will extend to sponsorship of media output, access to facilities at the Ashton & Hyde hotels for the First Team squad and staff as well as offers and incentives that will be exended to our Season Ticket holders, staff and players throughout the Club.

On the launch of the partnership, First Team Manager, Mark Bradshaw said.

"This is a great step forwards for us and we're really pleased to have secured the partnership. At a practical level, we will be able to use the facilities to aid post match recover, rehabilition from injuries as well aiding fitness. This gives us an additional incentive to players at Curzon"

More news on offers to supporters will be announced throughout the season but why not sign up for a free gym guest pass right now.

The Curzon family is extending further in to the community and we're really pleased that Village Hotels are part of that.

First Team management, Mark and Will, can be seen shaking hands on the deal with Village General Manager, Peter Thomson and Lesiure Club Manager, Lee Martin.


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