Meet the Women’s First Team Coaches

15 Dec 2019 in News

Meet the Women’s First Team Coaches Meet the Women’s First Team Coaches

Dean O’Brien, Mo Handongwe and Aiden Siddall are the three coaches here at Curzon Ashton Women’s FC.


Between the three of them they’ve got over 10 years of experience in coaching and are thoroughly enjoying their time with Curzon Ashton Women’s team.

Dean, who is coaching manager, Mo who is assistant coaching manager and Aiden who is goalkeeping coach all have different coaching styles, their aim as a whole, is to enhance the women’s football for the future.

The short videos offer an insight into their backgrounds and what they do outside of Curzon Ashton, whether its anything similar or something completely different to coaching altogether.

Dean O’Brien:

Mo Handongwe:

Aiden Siddell:

Written by Jade Wood


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