Meet the Women’s First Team Physio

15 Dec 2019 in News

Meet the Women’s First Team Physio Meet the Women’s First Team Physio

Making sure that the team is in top form and injures are looked after as good as possible to ensure a quick return of the player to the pitch is a big responsibility – one that Lauren Hastie took on for the Women’s first team here at Curzon.

Her passion for football started at a young age, when she played in boy’s clubs in her free time. Eventually, Lauren’s childhood passion became an integral part of her working life.

“As soon as I graduated, I knew I wanted to come into a football club”

Throughout her three-year long physiotherapy course at the University of Bolton, Lauren got to do placements at Oldham and Bury football club, showing her a way to combine work with her hobby.

Looking to work with football clubs after graduating, Lauren applied, amongst others, to Curzon Ashton, where the Women’s first team was in need for a Physio. However, this is not the only position for Lauren; she is also looking after a local Rugby club and working full-time at a clinic, taking care of all kinds of different injuries of the general public.

“By Wednesday we know who’s injured and who needs treating and Dean knows who to expect out”

Being a Physio means that wherever the team goes, Lauren will be there as well. This includes all fixtures throughout the season and every training session.

She will assess injuries and monitor the recovery process of every individual player. Showing the injured players appropriate exercises to promote healing, adjusting warm-up routines for players that have only recently returned to the pitch and being in contact with the team to give tips and answer any questions at all times are Lauren’s core duties.

On match-days, Lauren also functions as the team’s medic. Equipped with an extensive first-aid kit, she attends to any injuries immediately and assesses the severity to judge whether the player can continue the match or needs to be taken off the pitch to avoid more serious, long-term problems.

 “I think it’s really helpful that I grew up with sport. I think you can have a chat with the girls about football, you do get that bit of banter going.”

The diversity of the role at Curzon is what makes it so interesting and exciting, says Lauren. And although at times with many injuries and players eagerly wanting to return to the pitch it can be a lot of work, the job as team Physio is certainly very rewarding.

 “The girls really understand, I think, everyone’s’ role at the club. So they know, alright, if anyone’s injured, they know to speak to me first. It just makes me feel like as a club, we are one.”

Watch the full interview with Lauren on our Curzon Ashton YouTube Channel to gain a deeper insight into this fascinating position in the club.


-       By Carolin Boldt


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